Wellness Ambassadors

Wellness Ambassadors are employees or students who are enthusiastic and supportive of the Unversity Wellness initiative and who are passionate about helping each individual person with a meaningful wellness transformation. Together, we can reach our goal to become the HEALTHIEST UNIVERSITY!
There are four fabulous CHIEF WELLNESS AMBASSADORS serving as team leaders and if you choose to join this fun, energetic group of wellness ambassadors, you will also be a part of a team:
Team CWA Deby Andvik
Team CWA Oliver Glanz
Team CWA Justin Neu
Team CWA Dalry Payne

What is a Wellness Ambassador? 

A Wellness Ambassador (WA) is a representative of the new Andrews University Wellness initiative committed to inspiring faculty, staff, and students to join our MISSION to become FULLY ALIVE through pathways of enthusiasm, inspiration, motivation and sharing of opportunities and resources. Further, the WA aims to be a personal example of living a healthy and fit lifestyle and encourages others to join him/her.

What are the duties & expectations of a Wellness Ambassador?

  1. Attend Wellness Ambassador meetings/rallies once a semester. 
  2. Participate in and represent at events and programs sponsored by University Wellness.
  3. Invite others to events and programs offered by University Wellness via all different communication pathways.
  4. Take the 'Wellness Pledge'.
  5. Assist with certifying her/his department as 'Certified Healthy Department'
  6. Use the E-Wellness platform (Fitthumb) on a regular basis, promote usage amongst colleagues and offer assistance with it to colleagues.
  7. Stay up-to-date with University Wellness website updates. 
  8. Know her/his CWA and ask for assistance and support whenever needed. 

How long is a Wellness Ambassador Term?

Wellness Ambassadors serve as long as they would like to (but a minimum of one year: July 1 - June 30).

How do I become a Wellness Ambassador?

To become a Wellness Ambassador, click here. To send in an application or for any additional questions please email wellness@andrews.edu.