Wellness Ambassadors

What is a Wellness Ambassador? 

A Wellness Ambassador (WA) is a representative of the new Andrews University Health and Wellness initiative committed to inspiring faculty, staff, and students to 'LIVE WHOLLY' through pathways of enthusiasm, inspiration, motivation and sharing of opportunities and resources. Further, the WA aims to be a personal example of living a healthy and fit lifestyle and encourages others to join him/her.

What are the duties & expectations of a Wellness Ambassador?

  1. Attend Wellness Ambassador Meetings once a semester. 
  2. participate in and represent at events and programs sponsored by University Health & Wellness.
  3. Invite others to events and programs offered by University Health & Wellness via all different communication pathways.

How long is a Wellness Ambassador Term?

Wellness Ambassadors serve for a school year (August - April). Wellness Ambassadors can serve more than one consecutive school year as determined the Health & Wellness Council.

How do I become a Wellness Ambassador?

To become a Wellness Ambassador, please email wellness@andrews.edu and an application form will be sent to you.