\n On March 30th\, 2017 the Teaching\, Lear ning\, and Curriculum Department at Andrews University will host its 15th annual conference. This year&rsquo\;s conference theme is \ ;Woolly Teaching or Wholly Teaching? Interrogating the Tried\, the Tir ed\, and the True. \;The keynote speaker is Maria Salazar.


\n The AU TLC invites proposals for papers\, posters\, and best practice demonstrati ons from university faculty\, PreK-12 teachers\, graduate and undergraduat e students\, and other education professionals.


\n On-site or onli ne presentations of scholarly work will allow educators to share reports o f significant work or integrative reviews in theory\, research\, developme nt\, applications\, and societal issues related to all aspects of educatio n. Best Practices session presenters will discuss and demonstrate strategi es\, techniques\, or solutions to common issues in education. This will be an opportunity to inform attendees about the lessons learned and future p lans from those who have designed\, developed\, and implemented education in effective and/or innovative ways. Individuals and groups can submit pro posals. \; During the submission process\, participants will have the opportunity to select their desired length of presentations\, which will b e 25 or 50 minutes.


\n To register for the conference\, pl ease visit the event webpage on Digital Commons.

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\n Celebrating \;the transformative power of wellness in this community! FREE TO ALL - RSVP TI CKET REQUIRED! \;




\n Register here:


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\n The Bridges Out of Poverty framework is based on the book by Ruby K. Payne\, PhD.\, Philip E. DeVol and Terri Dreussi Smith. \; The framework can help social workers\, therapists\, nurses\, doctors\, p astors\, teachers\, law enforcement professionals\, and employers more app ropriately and effectively serve\, \; support\, and/or assist people e xperiencing poverty. \;


\n This workshop will utilize exercise s\, small and large group discussions\, pre- and post-tests\, and visual d isplays. The topics to be covered are:


\n The training will be held on Fri day\, March 31st from 1pm - 4pm. To RSVP email

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\n From its humble beginnings now 100 years ago\, Mile High Academy is among one of the oldest and longest standing Christian private schools in the Denver Metro area.  \;Mile High Academy has constantly endeavored to bring young people to a saving relationship with Jesus Chris t\, while also providing an excellent academic experience.  \;On Frida y\, March 31\, the music department from Mile High Academy will present a choral and orchestral concert at the Howard Center.  \;They will be di rected by Leandro Bizama. Please join us and be blessed by the music prese nted.  \; \;


\n Free Admission

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\n Join Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Uni versity for its special 9:00 am service where Pastor Dwight K. Nelson will present the sermon\, "\;Gone Fishin'"\;--1.

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\n One Place exists to provide a space for freedom through worship\, expression in creativity\, and safety in community. We invite you to come experience Jesus with an open mind through this community of believers.

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