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\n As we dive into a new school year you may find yourself h anded responsibilities for your department's social media platforms. Wheth er this is a new assignment or one you've handled before\, you may have mo re questions than answers\, and more confusion than know-how. If this is t he case\, don't worry: There's help! Join us for "\;Social Media Bootc amp\,"\; presented by Becky St. Clair\, media communications manager a t Andrews University\, who manages the University's social media presence.


\n This 30-minute workshop will offer the basics of where you sho uld focus your efforts\, tips on time-saving methods\, and how to make the most of limited resources. Please RSVP \;(links below) \;as space is limited\, and come armed with questions!


\n For your convenien ce\, this workshop will be offered at two different dates and times. Pleas e choose the one that best suits your schedule. Faculty\, staff and studen ts are all welcome to attend this free event.


\n RSVP link s: \;


\n Mo nday\, August 29


\n Thursday\, September 1


\n Please note that this workshop was o ffered last year\, as well. If you attended that event you are more than w elcome to attend again\, but understand that the material is the same\, up dated to reflect any changes in social media over the last several months. "\;Social Media Bootcamp"\; is part of a series of educational wo rkshops by the Division of Integrated Marketing &\; Communication (IMC) at Andrews University.

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\n Join us for vespers.  \;Speaker: Jannel Monroe

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\n Join Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Uni versity for its 9 a.m. service where Pastor Dwight K. Nelson will present the sermon "\;#RxF4Now&mdash\;Dead Man Walking"\;.

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\n One Place exists to provide a space for freedom through w orship\, expression in creativity\, and safety in community. We invite you to come experience Jesus with an open mind through this community of beli evers.

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\n The Campus Ministries team invites you to begin your Sabbath morn ing with a thought-provoking time in God&rsquo\;s Word.

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