Gary V. Wood

Gary V. Wood

Gary V. Wood

Title: Associate Professor of Political Science
Office Location: Buller Hall 128
Phone: (269) 471-3290


PhD, MA, Claremont Graduate University

MA, California State University, San Bernardino

BA, Newbold College


Dr. Wood comes to us from California originally. He began his undergraduate studies at La Sierra University Riverside, transferred to California State University at San Bernardino and went from there to Newbold College in England. He received his Bachelor's in History from Newbold. He continued his studies with an interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree from Cal State San Bernardino in History/Philosophy/Political Science, and moved on to Claremont University for another MA, concentrating on political science this time.

While teaching as an adjunct Political Science professor at Cal State San Bernardino, he earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from Claremont Graduate University in 2001. His recently published book, Heir to the Fathers: John Quincy Adams and the Spirit of Constitutional Government (Lexington Books, 2003) grew out of his dissertation study on John Quincy Adams' political thought and understanding of the U.S. Constitution.

Following his Ph.D., he taught for two years at the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton in Kenya, handling classes in history - everything from US History, African History and the History of Science - with anywhere from 4 to over 90 students.

From Africa, Dr. Wood traveled to Guam, taking the position of professor of Political Science at the University of Guam for one year, before coming to Andrews University.

Current Research or Professional Activities

Articles and Book Chapters (Scholarly):

Wood, Gary V. and Edward J. Erler “Is Democracy Exportable? The Case of the U.S. in Iraq” in Akis Kalaitzidis, ed., Global Politics in the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century (Athens: ATINER Press, 2009).

Wood, Gary V. “Same-Sex Marriage and the Declaration of Independence” in Roy E. Gane, Nicholas P. Miller, H. Peter Swanson, eds., Homosexuality, Marriage, and the Church (Berrien Springs, MI: Andrews, 2012).


Paper Presentations:

Wood, Gary V. "Natural Law, Gay Rights, and Religious Liberty." The Paul Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI, April 24, 2009.

_____. "Homosexuality, Same-Sex Marriage, and the Declaration of Independence." Marriage, Homosexuality and the Church, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI, Oct. 16, 2009.

_____. “On Teaching ‘Introduction to Philosophy’ in an Adventist University.” Co-written with Gary Land, presented at Society of Adventist Philosophers 2nd Annual Symposium, November 18, 2011, San Francisco, CA.


Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries:

Wood, Gary V. “John Quincy Adams” in Encyclopedia of American Enlightenment (New York: Continuum). (Forthcoming)