Mission Statement


Our philosophy is expressed in two pillars that provide the foundation for all we do in the Department of Music. Modeled by faculty, these form the undergirding upon which we individually and collectively build all our artistic, academic, and inter-personal endeavors.

Pillar 1:  Excellence in music performance and academics.
We believe in creating an environment and expectation in which students are stimulated and encouraged to learn and excel as they strive after the standards of excellence modeled by world-class musicians, performers, and scholars.

Pillar 2:  Character development.
Mentoring:  We believe in practicing the biblical concept of shepherding in interactions with students, modeling an attitude of acceptance and encouragement. We interact with students with a desire to shape, mold, and care for them within the relationship of master to pupil.

Character building: We believe in helping students grow in character and mature as human beings.

Spiritual development:  We believe in encouraging students to be aware that they can grow spiritually. We provide opportunities in which students are invited to participate.

Service to others:  We believe in fostering an attitude of service that is manifested in acts of service.


Our vision is to provide a vibrant musical and learning environment in which students excel artistically and academically, grow in character and spirituality, and engage in acts of service.


To mentor students in artistic, intellectual, and character development.