Why Study at Andrews?

Outstanding Faculty
Anyone who grew up taking music lessons will tell you that the teacher makes all the difference. That's why we consider our stellar music faculty to be the greatest asset of the department. Just attend a faculty recital if you need proof that our professors have the expertise to provide the very best technical and academic training. The faculty is loaded with active performers who travel the world as concert artists and clinicians. Additionally, our history and theory professors publish and present at conferences in the U.S. and abroad. But they are not simply touring performers and scholars-they are first and foremost teachers, mentors who are deeply committed not only to their students' musical development, but to their social and spiritual development as well. It is the emphasis on character building that truly places the Andrews University Department of Music faculty in a league of their own. 

Why Study At Andrews?

Dynamic Atmosphere
One of the first things you'll notice as a student in the Andrews Department of Music is that the department is truly alive with music. The school year is literally packed end-to-end with concerts and tours by our world-class ensembles, including annual trips to places like Brazil, England and South Africa. Add to these the regular recitals, master classes, special events, and endless opportunities to participate in praise services and special music, and the performance options are unlimited. As a music student, you'll not only practice and perform, but also have plenty of opportunities to make friends and socialize with your peers and professors. You can start the week off with a hot drink at the Monday Morning Warmup, or participate in Department Vespers and other social activities. With such an intimate family-like atmosphere, it never takes long for students to feel right at home in the Andrews Department of Music.

Excellent Employment Record
One thing that's undeniable about the music program at Andrews: our students get jobs. While our music students have the opportunity to move on to graduate school after receiving a BA or BM, most choose to accept high school and college level teaching positions. Given the top quality music education that Andrews offers, the department is well known for producing excellent music educators. Needless to say, if you'd like to become a music teacher, a music degree from Andrews will ensure that you'll have no trouble finding a job. 

Andrews University has an enormous collection of music resources that equals or surpasses that of universities many times its size. Music majors have access to a comprehensive music library with over 20,000 books, scores, and recordings, and a music technology lab filled with keyboards, computers, and notation, sequencing, and ear training equipment. The department maintains close to 20 practice rooms and students also have access to various keyboard instruments, including grand pianos, harpsichords, pipe organs, and the 4,400-pipe Casavant organ in Pioneer Memorial Church.