The AUSO's conductor expects to hear all new and returning student members of the orchestra during the first week of classes, mainly for the purpose of determining an appropriate seating rotation and getting to know one another. Additionally, prospective new members of the orchestra that are community members and/or Andrews alumni will need to audition when joining, and may choose whether to re-audition in subsequent years. Available audition signup times can be found at the bottom of this page (between August 31 and September 1, with our first orchestra rehearsal being together at 7pm on Thursday, September 2). Sign up for a time soon! The conductor may also provide musicians with written suggestions during the week after the audition, in the spirit of ongoing communication, feedback, and support. More information on the auditions is below, including a link to signing up for a time; each audition will take approximately 10 minutes. If none of the available audition times work for you, or you have other questions, feel free to email the conductor at . During the school year, the orchestra will rehearse from 7-9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and everyone is expected to attend the very first rehearsal (in 2021, we will begin on Thursday, September 2). The first rehearsal will include introductions, discussions, sharing of syllabi and expectations, and also sight-reading of our first concert's repertoire. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to reserve your audition time.

What you need to do
The audition will:

  • Determine your level of playing for entrance and chair placement (seatings will rotate)
  • Give you the ability to receive written feedback on your audition
  • Assist Dr. Wild in solidifying the orchestra’s plans for the year

Auditions take place during the first week of school and consist of the following items:

  • String, Woodwind & Brass musicians:
  • Two scales in contrasting keys of your choice, either 2 octaves (winds/brass) or 3-4 octaves (strings) at a minimum tempo of 80 BPM (metronome speed) per note
  • Two prepared selections of your choice. One slow and one faster (they should contrast, demonstrating both expression and technique). They do not need to be solos; rather, they should be whatever will best demonstrate your various abilities
  • Violinists interested in serving as concertmaster for any concerts need to additionally prepare and perform 2 orchestra excerpts. For the Fall of 2021, the two excerpts are from Richard Strauss' Death & Transfiguration. The audition music can be downloaded at this LINK, and you should choose your own bowings & fingerings while consulting multiple recordings to see what is traditional. The 2 excerpts to prepare are:
    • From 6 measures before rehearsal F until rehearsal I (stopping midway through page #2)
    • From rehearsal Y until rehearsal Z (found on the last page)
  • Percussionists:
  • Percussionists should prepare a rhythmic selection with drum pad, and bring drum sticks or timpani mallets to perform your chosen selection. Additionally, instead of a scale, you will be asked to sight read some rhythms using mallets/sticks of your choice. Note that the majority of our percussion parts will be on timpani, cymbals, and bass drum, plus alternating additional instruments.

Choose your sign up time at the link below:

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