Young Artist Competition

Rules and Guidelines

Information on signing up for the Young Artist Competition will be posted in Hamel Hall in the early fall.

*Update: for 2019-20, the competition will occur during juries and will also include a "final round" on Tuesday, December 10

Students can expect:

  • to prepare a solo with orchestral accompaniment that is shorter than 20 minutes in length (shorter is recommended for balancing the winners' concert)
  • to select repertoire that is not under copyright (generally, composed prior to 1920) and thus is freely available to the orchestra at IMSLP. Students may select music that is protected by copyright and only available for rental as long as the student is willing to cover all of the rental costs. In some years, the orchestra program may have some money to contribute towards rental cost(s), but this cannot be guaranteed
  • to memorize their selection (it should be performed by memory for the competition in early December)
  • to provide the judges with one piano score of their selection, on the day of the competition
  • to pay a $25 participation fee to the Department of Music (payable inside the music office at Hamel Hall room 207)
  • sign up times will also likely be coordinated with the Department of Music's office in Hamel 207
  • winners will perform with the orchestra at a concert in late January, at the Howard Performing Arts Center

For more information, contact Dr. Chris Wild at