What you need to do:

During registration obtain an audition/appointment time with Mr. Graves in Room 205 of the Music Department (Phone 471-6340). The audition/appointment will:

  1. Properly place you in the right position
  2. Help you facilitate your registration into Wind Symphony, and
  3. Allow you check out an instrument and/or instrument locker.

This audition will take fifteen minutes of your time.

The audition/appointment will take place during the first week of school and will consist of the following items:

  1. A scale of your own choice in whole notes, two to three octaves (for tone quality)
  2. Two prepared selections of your own choice. One slow and one fast, neither selection longer than three lines (for expression and technique). You could obtain some materials from the Music Department.
  3. Sight-reading selections will be chosen from music selected from this year's repertoire.
  4. For percussionists, perform a short two to three line selection in the areas of snare drum, timpani, and mallets plus a sight-reading selection. If you are proficient in ones or two areas, prepare for those areas only.
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