The Wind Symphony has as its primary mission the preparation of instrumentalists and conductors for professional careers in performance and education. An important secondary mission is to provide University students, staff, faculty and community members with an avenue to continue their involvement in the performing arts. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels the Wind Symphony seeks to:

  1. To improve each student's musicianship by developing the highest obtainable performance standard.
  2. To improve each student's technical ability by programming music of challenging and new technical demands.
  3. To improve each student's awareness of available wind music with artistic merit by programming works which are historically recognized as meeting this criteria.
  4. To improve each student's understanding of the necessity for interfacing excellence in the classroom and performance via a rehearsal technique that engages students in the competencies of ear training, analysis, and history?
  5. To improve each student's perception of teaching, rehearsal, and conducting techniques through implementation and modeling of a variety of available methods.
  6. To expand the intellectual, psychological, and spiritual horizons of the musician.