Computer Science
College of Professions
Chan Shun Hall
4185 E. Campus Circle Dr.
(269) 471-3632

Computer Science prepares students to design and implement innovative computing solutions to real world problems.  Areas of study include (but not limited to) algorithms, software engineering, graphics, artificial intelligence, robotics, databases, theory of computation, networks and Internet technologies. This professional degree has a great breadth and depth in Computer Science. The program emphasizes both theory and practical applications of computing. A degree in Computer Science prepares students for employment in developing and maintaining commercial applications and for graduate studies.

Proposed 4-Year Outline

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CS & Math Double Major

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Computer Science Program Educational Objectives

Globally, environmentally, and socially responsible computing professionals and computing scholars who are professionally equipped to solve diverse problems and change the world.


Graduates of this program will possess the ability to:

  1. Design and develop different types applications while adhering to current software development best practices. (software development)
  2. Design and implement data structures, algorithms, and data management systems to store, manage, access, and process data. (data management)
  3. Design and analyze efficient algorithms to solve given problems. (algorithm design and analysis)
  4. Understand capabilities, tradeoffs, and limitations of algorithms, computational models, programming languages, operating systems and computing technology. (capabilities and limits of computing)
  5. Consider the concerns and impact of software and computing innovations on individuals and society. Experience spiritual growth that informs social and professional interactions. (faith and ethics)