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What in the world is IS?

If you're looking for a dynamic degree with a ton of upward mobility in the industry, then Information Systems is for you! IS or Information System is a blend of applied technoloy, business accumen, marketing strategies, and cultural awareness mashed into a single major to support organizational strategies in accounting, management, human resources, and information technology or IT.  

So why do IS?

Organizations either for-profit or not-for-profit develop strategies to compete in their niche industries and IS is the backbone of any organization culture from online sales to logistical planning.  

Do you love technology?

If being on the cutting edge of technological innovation is exciting to you, consider a degree in information systems. Learn to use the latest hardware and software tools to help businesses organize, strategize and retrieve mission critical information.

Why Information Systems at AU?

Technology is vital to any organization, and will only become more important in the future. Information systems professionals ensure that companies can use technology to achieve their goals.  By blending their knowledge and expertise in both cutting-edge technology and business strategy, information systems professionals are able to manage and expand the use of technology to benefit all types of companies and organizations.

As an information systems major at Andrews University, you will master the fundamentals of networking, systems analysis, database system development, business programing and working with clients. Our information systems classes are limited in size to ensure that you will receive plenty of one-on-one attention from our highly experienced professors.

In your courses, you will learn how to build computer systems, understand the basics of electronics, and provide real-world solutions by using applied technologies. Throughout your degree, you will gain project experience by working with real clients to develop apps, websites and systems models to improve their organizational infrastructure and processes.

You will have the opportunity to gain additional experience by applying for a part-time position working as a junior IT technician for our Information Systems department here in the College of Professions. Then build your resume further by applying for internships during the summer.

You will graduate from our information systems program with enough hands-on expertise and project management experience to have an immediate impact at your new workplace!

Our Alumni are in...

• Auto-Owners
• Epic Hosting
• Hewlett Packard Enterprise
• Sharp Health Care
• Country Life Natural Foods
• Skywest Airlines
•Hawaiian Mission Academy
•Integra Group
•Sift Sicence
•Cerner Corporation
•Adventist Health System
•Northrop Grumman

Possible careers in Information Systems

• Enterprise Technology Architect
• Information Systems Manager
• Chief Executive Officer
• Hedge Funds
• System Analyst
• Business Systems Analyst and Designer
• Regulatory Compliance Officer
• Systems Consultant
• Data Systems Consultant
• Informatics Business Analyst
• System Integration Analyst
• Systems Quality Analyst
• Systems Security Analyst
• MIS Analyst
• Software Quality Analyst
• System QA Analyst
• EDP Auditor
• IS Contingency Planner

Average salary

$75,790 per year (network & computer systems administrators) - $82,710 per year (computer systems analysts)

*Salaries for information systems graduates range broadly depending on the industry, profit versus non-profit, location, experience, and job position. The salaries listed above are average across years of experience and should not be expected for entry-level positions or all regions of the country.

• Entry-level salary range in Berrien County, Michigan (low end of salary range) - $36,220 (computer systems analyst) - $42,150 (network and computer systems administrator)
• Job outlook - 8% (Faster than average, networking & systems administrator) - 21% (Much faster than average, systems analyst)


"It [Information Systems] is a very dynamic field—constantly changing, so a constant challenge. Unlike computer science, it is lots more personable and business-oriented. It is more practical and less abstract. Information Systems is focused on solving problems and making people’s jobs easier through use of technology."
- Michael Aldrich, Information Systems Major & Data Warehouse Architect at Adventist Health Systems
"I had a project in my systems analysis & design class (INFS 318) where my class built an iOS app for a client. First, we had to come up with the design and cost analysis for the app. Afterwards, I was put in charge of delegating programming responsibilities to my programming class (INFS 397) where the class programmed and finished the actual app. This project was really cool because it was a joint effort between my two classes, and we actually got some real-world experience from doing this project."
- Nic Paz, Information Systems Major & Software Support Engineer at Integra Group
"One of the most beneficial classes I have taken is Business System Analysis & Design. In the class we learned about the uses and roles of information systems in business organizations. My class had the privilege of working with a real world organization and improving their systems on which the organization ran. "
- Olabode Ogidan, Information Systems Major & Business Management Analyst at Northrop Grumman