Associates in Business

The Associates (AS) in Business is a 2-year program that will hone your knowledge and skills in accounting, management, information systems, and marketing to successfully thrive in any business environment. With an AS in Business, you'll be building your business prowess tailored to the three key characteristics employers are looking for: management and accounting knowledge, business application skills, and marketing exposure

Upon graduating, you'll be planting yourself in a position for a dynamic career in business or furthering your education into a bachelor's degree. You'll be prepared to handle crucial administrative tasks like record keeping, ordering supplies, and customer service in a highly technologically driven business environment.

What can an AS in Business do for you?

Boost your career

Found a job, but your academic background is a bit skimpy? Well, boost your career by joining an accredited, technology driven, and ethically bound degree program that will build your skills with the latest business concepts and technology. 


A stepping stone

Like what you see? You can use the AS in Business as a launching pad to complete any of our highly sought 4-year business degrees in Accounting, Information Systems, International Business, Finance, Management, Marketing or any other AU offered degrees.

Expand your horizon

What if you like what you see? Just add an additional two years then you get a BBA in Business or any other degree we offer.  Imagine graduating with an AS in Business and a BA in Communications.  You just made yourself more marketable than just a  BA.


Yes we're serious!

We believe in our program so much that we are putting our money where our mouth is... YES, Tuition for just $4,950.00 per semester! Your out-of-pocket costs may be much lower, or EVEN ZERO, if you are eligible for other external grants, subsidies or loans.  For more information click the button below!


Why start your journey with us?

Choose AU & save

We are offering you a deal of a lifetime to kickstart your career in the right direction - Tuition at $4,950 for 15-16 credits per semester (general fees, food and housing not included)! What are you waiting for!




Spiritual culture

Be in a learning environment where God is the primary focus.   The essense of our core curriculum is towards understanding life, learning, and civic responsibility from a Christian point of view.

Academic powerhouse

Our team of dedicated faculty and staff come from different academic disciplines, industry experience, and ethnic backgrounds which adds strength, innovation, and diversity into the classroom.


Why wait? It's time to kickstart your career in the dynamic field of business from a globally accredited program!