Institutional Diversity Council
Because Andrews University views diversity from an asset's perspective and a component of excellence, the Institutional Diversity Council exists as part of the Office of Institutional Diversity, created by Andrews University with the goal to exhibit institutional commitment to diversity via cabinet-level representation. The Council seeks to take advantage of the richness of the world that exists at Andrews University and move the University leadership, faculty, staff and students from representational diversity to transformational diversity. The Council also seeks to support the Office of Diversity as the point of reference for expertise related to diversity issues arising in the local, national and international communities. The current chair of the Institutional Diversity Council is Carole Woolford-Hunt, chair of the Department of Graduate Psychology & Counseling in the School of Education.

MLK Committee
The MLK Planning Committee reports to the Office of the Provost for the campus-wide promotion and development of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s commitment to social equality, service and other universal values. The committee is charged with creating programming that intentionally builds bridges of understanding, acceptance and expanded relationship between all members of the campus community. The MLK Planning Committee creates opportunities that are inclusive, multicultural and diverse.

The MLK Planning Committee also strives to include all citizens of southwest Michigan. Because Andrews University is southwest Michigan’s largest faith-based Christian institution, the MLK Planning Committee accepts the challenge of modeling the universal teachings of Jesus in harmony with the theological and lifestyle principles of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The work of the MLK Planning Committee is to engender positive responses to Andrews University, in much the same way that the International Food Fair, Howard Performing Arts Center programming and many other activities do. However, the components of unselfish service and social justice, “the heavier matters of love,” are central to the committee’s agenda and, therefore, are featured in its annual themes.

2015 MLK Celebrations

Black History Month Committee
The Black History Month Planning Committee is excited to engage the entire Andrews University and surrounding Berrien Springs communities in a month-long recognition and celebration of the struggles, triumphs and contributions of African Americans and people of the African diaspora in the United States. Black History is our history.

National African American History Month had its origins in 1915 through the work of Dr. Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH). Dr. Woodson initiated the first Negro History Week in February 1926. In 1975, President Ford issued a 'Message on the Observance of Black History Week' and in 1976 issued another 'Message on the Observance of Black History Month,' also known as African American History Month, after the ASALH expanded commemoration of Black history to all of February. Click here for the History link.

Today, Black History Month is celebrated across the nation by schools and higher educational institutions, churches and civic organizations. Andrews University celebrates this opportunity for meaningful dialogue across campus, as students, faculty and staff explore what history teaches us for a better future.

2015 Black History Month Celebrations

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