“We explore how diverse peoples have enriched the human experience and develop the interpersonal abilities to respect, appreciate and interact with those of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, experiences, and backgrounds. This robust learning environment uniquely equips our students for service to a diverse and global community.”  Andrews University Diversity Statement

On these pages we discuss some of the different groups or classifications of peoples at Andrews University. These groups, listed on the left under "Resources", do not reflect the totality of diversity at Andrews; however we have chosen a few that reflect some of the major classifications for further exploration. On each page we review a bit of the history of the group in the United States, challenges specific to them, and resources available.

Special thanks to the students of Erich Baumgartner’s fall 2013 Diversity, Leadership & Culture class (LEAD 689/789)  for some of the content. Individual credit is indicated on the respective pages.