Co-Curricular Education

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Chapels, forums, co-curricular short courses and experiential learning add value to any degree.

Co-Curricular Requirement

Students participate in a required number of co-curricular experiences each semester.

Co-Curricular Participation

Co-curricular participation is tracked so students can see what they have accomplished.

Faith and Learning Outside the Classroom

Participating in faith and learning outside the classroom is part of earning an Andrews undergraduate degree. Co-curricular experiences complement classroom education and allow you to develop and document valuable skills that can be shared with graduate schools and prospective employers.

Steve Yeagley

Assistant Vice President for Campus and Student Life
Director of Co-Curricular Education

For more details about the co-curriculum, including presenters and program dates for the year, see the Co-Curricular Organizer.

Co-Curricular Organizer

Learning Outcomes

A Healthy U

Build physical fitness         

Maintain a balanced diet

Achieve personal wellbeing

A Successful U

Sharpen academic skills

Boost creative capacities

Ensure career readiness

A Committed U

Engage in faith development

Seek spiritual support

Pursue a life purpose

A Better U

Gain cultural competence

Practice service to others

Develop leadership ability

Together with the academic curriculum, co-curricular opportunities deliver the whole-person education at the heart of Andrews University's mission.