The mission of University Towers is to create a Christ-like, loving community for graduate and older students of Andrews University.

We support the mission of the Student Life division of the University by nurturing students for:

  • Continuing growth in Christ
  • Developing positive and rewarding relationships
  • Accepting adn appreciating diversity
  • Developing personal integrity reflected in a balanced spiritual, mental and physical lifestyle.

We embrace the mission of the University, a distinctive Seventh-day Adventist Christian institution, as it transforms its students by educating them to seek knowledge and afrirm faith in order to change the world. Andrews University students are encouraged to:

  • Seek knowledge as they commit to a mindset of intellectual discovery. Demonstrate the ability to think clearly and critically. Communicate effictively utilizing multiple media. Understand the arts, letters and sciences from a Christian point of view. Become competent to serve humanity in their chossen disciplines and pdrofessions. Prepare for meaningful work in a complex, technological and global society.
    Affirm Faith as they nurture life int he Spirit through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Deepen their faith commitment and practice. Demonstrate personal and moral integrity. Embrace a whilesome way of life. Respect ethnic and cultural diversity. 
    Change the world as they go forth to cultivate the capacity for creative problem-solving and innovation. Commit to generous service through civic engagement. Create a caring culture of global leadership. Carry out the worldwide misson of the Seventh-day Adventist church.





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