All Damazo and Burman Hall rooms come furnished and equipped with the basics you'll need to store your belongings and organize a comfortable room. Plan to bring your own bedding, towels and curtains. If you plan to hang posters, please use either the existing nails or wall-friendly putty or removable sticky tabs. 
Damazo and Burman Hall room dimensions and furnishings are described below.


Damazo Hall 

Graduate females and undergraduate females who turn 22+ by the first day of each semester.

Individual Rooms

Floor size: 17' x 27' (459 sq. ft.) 


Suite floor size:  27' X 35' (945 sq. ft.)
Individual private rooms within suite:  18' X 11.5' (207 sq. ft.) and 17' X 12' (204 sq. ft.)

Rental Rate

Rental rate for 2014-15:  $2,351.00 per semester for double occupancy. We don't expect to be able to offer single housing, but as space allows, it would be at double the semester rate.

Each room contains:

window blinds                                                2 single beds (can be bunked)
2 mattresses 
2 dressers
2 desks with bookshelves and lighting
2 chairs

1 phone line
wireless internet access




Burman Hall


Male residents who qualify for Senior Honor status age 21 or Graduate and undergraduate who turn 22+ by the first day of each semester.


Rental Rate

Rental rate for 2014-15:  $2,151.00 per semester for double occupancy and $3,227 for single occupancy.

Room Dimensions

Floor size: 18' x 10'
Wall-to-wall carpet
Ceiling height: approximately 8'5"
Window size: 4' x 4'

Room Furnishings
2 single beds (can be bunked)
2 mattresses & mattress covers
2 free-standing dressers
2 built-in dressers
1 table
1 sink
1 mirror
2 desk chairs
2-person built-in desk featuring bookshelves, study lights

1 phone line
2 phone wall-connectors
1 PC network connector
24/7 T1 line Internet connection

Burman Hall residents share privacy-conscious bathrooms on each floor complete with shower facilities, mirrors, towel hangers and benches.

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