Committee Members


  • Benjamin D. Schoun, chair (chair, Board of Trustees)
  • Don Livesay, vice chair (president, Lake Union Conference and vice chair, Board of Trustees)
  • Dan Jackson (president, North American Division)
  • Lisa Beardsley-Hardy (director, Department of Education, General Conference)
  • Judith Storfjell (non-church employed retired educator)
  • Loren Hamel (non-church employed physician and president of Lakeland Health)


  • Karen Allen (School of Health Professions)
  • Janet Ledesma (School of Education)
  • Duane McBride (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Nicholas Miller, secretary, Search Committee (Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary)


  • Elynda Bedney (director, Student Financial Services)


  • Maureen Raj (MA in School Counseling candidate, officer of the Graduate Student Association)


  • Dana Wales (owner, Wales & Associates)

Invitee (with voice, but not vote):

  • Artur Stele (nominee for future Board Chair, and VP, General Conference)