Locations Used

Below are the locations where the MAPM instensive classes are held in each Union. Students are responsible for reserving their own accommodations. 

Students are required to take 6 credits on the Andrews University campus during their first year in the program. 

Atlantic Union

Northern New England Conference Office/ Westbrook, Maine

White Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church, Portland, Maine (Temporary Site)

Canadian Union

Burman University Alberta, Canada

College Heights Seventh-day Adventist church Alberta, Canada (Temporary Site)

Columbia Union

Columbia Union Conference Office/ Columbia, Maryland

Lake Union

Andrews University/ Berrien Springs, Michigan

Mid-America Union

Mid-America Union Conference Office/ Lincoln, Nebraska

Union College - Ortner Center/ Lincoln, Nebraska

Christian Records Services, Lincoln, Nebraska

Piedmont Park Sevent-day Adventist Church ( Temporary Site)

North Pacific Union

North Pacific Union Office, Ridgefield, Washington (Spring Sessions)

Walla Walla University/ Walla Walla, Washington (Fall Sessions)

Montana Conference Office, Bozeman, Montana ( 2015 Fall, Temporay Site)

Pacific Union

Southeastern California Conference Office/ Riverside, California

Southern Union

Forest Lake Adventist Church, Apopka, Florida 

Southwestern Union

Southwestern Adventist University/ Keene, Texas