2014 Recipients

Clifford Allen 

Project Title: "Due Recompense: African American Civil War Soldiers and the United States Military Pension System"

Faculty Mentor: Kathryn Silva

Major: History



Ilana Cady 

Project Title: " A Composition Project: An Original 12-Tone Fugue Modeled after J.S. Bach’s BWV 847”

Faculty Mentor: Chi Yong Yun

Major: Music Performance



Matthew Chacko 

Project Title: "The Derivation of Identity: Gender, Masculinity, and Sexuality in Coriolanus"

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Monique Pittman

Major: Biology/Biomedical, English





Michael VanderWaal 

Project Title: "Sexual activity, substance use and religious behaviors at a conservative, prohibitionist university"

Faculty Mentor: Duane McBride

Major: Psychology