Undergraduate Research Scholar Award

About the Award

The Office of Scholarly Research & Creative Scholarship awards Undergraduate Research Scholar awards of $1000 to undergraduates involved in an independent research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor, in the mentor’s area of expertise. The Undergraduate Research Scholar award is designed for Andrews University undergraduate students who are committed to conducting significant research or creative scholarship.

An essential feature of the Undergraduate Research Scholar award is the student/mentor relationship established between a student and a faculty member. This relationship begins when the student and faculty member agree on a research project and submit a joint proposal. During the project the student’s role develops toward independence as a researcher or creator. The project could result in an Honors thesis and/or a presentation at an appropriate national or regional professional meeting, and might be published in the peer reviewed, professional literature. In all cases, the student completes his or her undergraduate career with an exciting educational endeavor.

The annual Honors Scholars and Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium showcases the research projects that these scholars are involved in. 

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