2014 Undergraduate Publications


College of Arts and Sciences

Behavioral Sciences

  • A. D. LaFave, H. W. Helm Jr., and O. Gomez. The relationship between gender and heterosexual attitudes toward homosexuality at a conservative Christian university. Journal of Research on Christian Education 23, 283-293, 2014. View Article


  • L. C. Megna, A. E. Moncrieff, J. L. Hayward, and S. M. Henson. Equal reproductive success of phenotypes in the Larus glaucescens-occidentalis complex. Journal of Avian Biology 45, 410–416, 2014. View Article
  • J. L. Hayward, L. M. Weldon, S. M. Henson, L. C. Megna, B. G. Payne, and A. E. Moncrieff. Egg cannibalism in a gull colony increases with sea surface temperature. Condor 116, 62–73, 2014. View Article

Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • D. W. Randall and L.K. Garibay. Statistical comparison of results of redox titrations using K2 CR2O7 and KIO3 in the undergraduate analytical chemistry lab. Journal of Applicable Chemistry 3(4), 1329-1336, 2014. View Article


  • M. Kutzner and M. Plantak. Complete Cycle Experiments Using the Adiabatic Gas Law Apparatus. The Physics Teacher 52, 418, 2014. View Article

* Some of the students were recent graduates or graduate students by the date of the publication, but the research involved their work as an undergraduate.