2015 Undergraduate Publications


College of Arts and Sciences

Behavioral Sciences

  • Herbert W. Helm, Jr., Stephanie D. Gondra, and Duane C. McBride. Hook-up culture among college students: A comparison of attitudes toward hooking-up based on ethnicity and gender. North American Journal of Psychology 17(2), 221-232, 2015.


  • Benjamin Navia, Christina Burden, Tori J. Steely, H. Hasegawa, Esther Cha, Shandelle Henson, John Stout, and Gordon J. Atkins. Parallel effects of temperature on the male cricket calling song, phonotaxis of the female and the auditory responses of the L3 neurone. Physiological Entomology 40, 113-122, 2015.
  • James L. Hayward, Gordon J. Atkins, Ashley A. Reichert, and Shandelle M. Henson. Common ravens (Corvus corax) prey on rhinoceros auklet (Cerorhinca monocerata) eggs, chicks, and possibly adults. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 127, 336-339, 2015.

Engineering and Computer Science

  • Hyun Kwon and Brian T. Dodge. QCM-D monitoring of binding-induced conformational change of calmodulin. Biosensors Journal 4(2), 2015. DOI:10.4172/2090-4967.1000126


  • Joon Hyuk Kang and William W. Tritch. Conditions for existence or nonexistence of positive solutions to elliptic general model. British Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science 8(6), 447-457, 2015.
  • Yun Myung Oh and Ye Lim Seo. A curve satisfying τ / κ = s with constant κ > 0. American Journal of Undergraduate Research 12(2), 57-62, 2015.

* Some of the students were recent graduates or graduate students by the date of the publication, but the research involved their work as an undergraduate.