Payment Options

  SFS Cashier TouchNet® TransferMate Flywire
USD Yes Yes Yes Yes1
Foreign Currency No No Yes Yes
Bank Transfers No No Yes Yes
Credit cards Deposits only Yes No Yes
ACH (US) No Yes No No
Paper check Yes No No No
529 Payments Yes No No Yes
Cash Yes No No No
Payment apps No No No Yes
Fees No 2.95% credit cards $20 wires in USD $10 wires in USD
Requirements ID#/FERPA AU login or Authorized User AU login or Authorized User Name & ID#2
Min. payment No No No Yes 3
  1. Bank transfers only. Unable to process credit card payments in USD.
  2. Flywire does not give access to AU account information, so no login & password is required. However, account setup is required to receive tracking link for payment.
  3. Minimum $50 USD payment.

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