International Payments

Why Flywire?

Andrews University places a great value on our international students. It's important that we provide a safe and convenient way for you to make payments. To that end, we have partnered with Flywire; the leading provider of global payment solutions.


  • lets you pay in your home currency, avoiding unnecessary bank fees & receiving favourable exchange rates.
  • lets you track your payment online 24x7 & receive email and/or text alerts each step of the way.
  • has multlilingual customer support via phone, chat, & email to help you throughout the payment process.
  • offers multiple payment options beyond traditional bank transfers including:
    • credit/debit cards, eWallet,, UnionPay, Trustly, wechat, & Paypal Wallet.
  • accepts payments from all countries not sanctioned by the US government.
  • makes it easy for parents or sponsors to make payments to your accounts. No special login & password required!

Making a payment through Flywire is fast & easy.

  1. Click on the Pay Now With Flywire button below.
  2. Enter your home country & the amount you wish to pay.
  3. You will see a list of available options. Review & select your preferred method.
  4. Create or log in to your Flywire account if you wish to receive tracking link.
  5. Enter your personal details & payment information
  6. Receive your payment instructions. Wiring instructions will be for this one transaction only. Do not use these instructions for future payments.
  7. Send payment via your preferred method.

Would you like to make a payment today?


Learn more: Flywire (video opens in new window)

 Printable PDFs available.