2016-2017 Tour Schedule

August 22-25: Gymnics Clinics
Augst 29-September 1: Tryouts
September 2-3: Gymnics Weekend
September 23-25: Highland Academy Tour
November 5-6: Acrofest Set Up
November 7: Junior Preview in Johnson Gym
November 9-13: Acrofest at Andrews University
February 4: Newmeyer Classic Halftime in Johnson Gym
February 9-12: Kingsway College
February 17-20: Indiana Youth Rally
March 15: Pacers Halftime Show
March 25-26: Homeshow Setup
March 29: ASPA Tribute Show in the HPAC
April 1-3: Homeshow Weekend

To schedule a Gymnics tour

email gymnics@andrews.edu or call (269) 471-3968