BS in MLS - 1st Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science is a four-year degree program. The curriculum consists of...

  • 3 years of Pre-Clinical Studies

  • 1 year (3 semesters) of professional clinical education known as the Clinical Year Program.

Pre-Clinical Studies

  • 14 credits of medical laboratory science courses

  • 26 credits in required science cognate courses

  • 37 credits in general education courses

The Clinical (Senior) Year

  • 47 credits total.

  • 24 credits in lecture and student laboratories are taught on the Berrien Springs campus.

  • 23  remaining credits are earned through clinical practica at one of our affiliate hospitals or clinical laboratory sites located throughout the United States

  • Students work side by side with practicing laboratory professionals in patient health care.


*In order to enter the final year of studies (Clinical Year), students must submit an application and be accepted into the Clinical Year Program. See Admission and Applications*


For an Overview of the Curriculum...

and the structure of the BSMLS degree refer to Undergraduate Curriculum and Timeline.


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