Tuition is just the starting point–undergraduate students never pay the full price at Andrews. After scholarships and grants, Andrews can be less expensive than institutions with even lower tuition. Find out how Andrews invests in you.

Payment Options

There are a number of ways to make a payment at Andrews. Please choose the option with which you are the most comfortable. Whichever you choose, please remember to include the account name and ID# to insure swift and accurate receipting. Receipts can be mailed upon request.

  1. Pay Online
  2. Mail Check
  3. Pay in Person with Cash or Check
  4. Wire Money

Pay Online 

Andrews University uses TouchNet® PayPath™.

  • For credit card, a 2.75% convenience fee will apply. 
  • You may also pay online using your US checking or savings account with no fee.  
  • Recurring payments for both online options may be set up as you wish.

Students use the blue button below.

Pay Now with TouchNet

Parents use the green button below.

Pay Now with TouchNet

Learn more about TouchNet® PayPath™ here.

Mail Checks

Student Financial Services
4150 Administration Drive
Berrien Springs MI 49104-0750

  • Be sure to include full name and ID# with your payment.
  • Canadian checks are accepted in person and by mail, but may be subject to currency exchange or $2.00 exchange fee depending on the type of bank account.
  • Checks received may be converted to electronic format when processed which will immediately debit the account.
  • Allow a minimum of 5 days for payments to post


During Lobby Hours
1st Floor Administration Building.
After Lobby Hours: We have a drop box located beside the glass doors.

Wire Money

Andrews University uses flywire (formerly Peer Transfer) to send and receive wires.

  • Students can send money to Andrews through bank transfers or credit cards.
  • Transactions can be tracked by the student or authorized SFS staff.
  • flywire uses banks in foreign countries to get students the most favourable exchange rates.
  • Wire transfers from domestic (US) bank accounts are subject to a $10 processing fee.   

Pay Now with Flywire

Learn more about Flywire.