Our Mission

Andrews University, a distinctive Seventh-day Adventist institution, transforms its students by educating them to Seek Knowledge and Affirm Faith in order to Change the World.


Our Vision

Andrews University students will:

Seek Knowledge as they...

  • Engage in intellectual discovery and inquiry
  • Demonstrate the ability to think clearly and critically
  • Communicate effectively
  • Understand life, learning, and civic responsibility from a Christian point of view
  • Demonstrate competence in their chosen disciplines and professions

Affirm Faith as they...

  • Develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Deepen their faith commitment and practice
  • Demonstrate personal and moral integrity
  • Embrace a balanced lifestyle, including time for intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical development
  • Apply understanding of cultural differences in diverse environments

Change the World as they go forth to...

  • Engage in creative problem-solving and innovation
  • Engage in generous service to meet human needs
  • Apply collaborative leadership to foster growth and promote change
  • Engage in activities consistent with the worldwide mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church