Why Study at Andrews?

Successful Graduates

Good students in this department often have job offers before they graduate from their program. Our graduates have interned with Lockheed Martin, Dane Industries, Oakwood Nuclear, Navel Undersea Warfare Center, and a French base company Ratier-Figeac. Companies that graduates have accepted jobs include; Facebook, Whirlpool, LECO, Intel, Stryker, Eagle Technology, and many more. With their demonstrated success after graduation, engineering & computing students continue to illustrate the effectiveness of the program and its dedicated professors. Alumni Testimonials

First Rate Facilities

Andrews facilities are equipped to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date, hands-on instruction available. The Department of engineering includes a materials testing lab, an electro-mechanical engineering lab, an electronics lab, and a large computer lab for student use.  Learning about Engineering requires not only capable teachers, but also proper tools. The Andrews University Department of Engineering Department computer lab is stocked with state-of-the-art computers running modern operating systems. 


Unique Opportunities

It's hard to top the facilities, atmosphere, and professors you'll find, but that's not all that the Department of Engineering has offer. The structure of the program itself creates unique educational opportunities for the students. For example, one innovation you'll find at Andrews is the combination of Computer Science and Engineering into a single department. The synthesis of these two complementary programs enables students to gain a more unified, real-world understanding of the field as they complete projects and research.


The Andrews Advantage

The Andrews University Computing Program clearly offers an unparalleled academic experience. It is therefore no surprise that the Andrews University Engineering Department has earned a reputation for excellence in the their field and graduates have had little trouble moving into the workforce. As a Computing or Engineering major, you could join the more than 800 Andrews ECS alumni who are currently employed in the field. They all received their start right here by recognizing the Andrews Advantage.