Graduate Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics (Dietetic Internship)

Program Description 

The internship program (IP) at Andrews University is a supervised practice experience accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND). This internship is considered by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to be a Distance Dietetic Internship; the program works with certain designated facilities to complete each rotation. The experiences are supervised by Registered Dietitians.

The internship is a full-time program involving 40 hours per week, and in some instances, may require multiple locations. Our internship program has a Medical Nutrition Therapy emphasis as 65% of our program is spent in clinical nutrition.

Our program also has a special focus on vegetarian and plant-based nutrition.  Interns will have opportunities to practice imlementing vegetarian nutrition principles in several projects throughout the internship.

Specialty rotations are also available in the following areas: eating disorders, pediatrics, diabetes and more!

As part of the internship program interns are required to apply for the Graduate Certificate of Nutrition & Dietetics which will confer a total of 12 graduate credits from Andrews University.  This facilitates interns' eligibility for student loans. The 12 graduate credits can also be used for the MS in Nutrition and Wellness. 

See our Registration and Payment page for more information regarding the certificate.

Persons who successfully complete the internship are prepared for entry-level positions in Dietetics and are eligible to write the registration examination administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The pass rate for our interns is excellent; over 95% of interns submitted successfully pass this exam. A statement of program outcome data are available upon request (


The Internship Program at Andrews University is currently granted accreditation by: 
Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND)
120 South Riverside Plaza
Suite 2190
Chicago, IL  60606-6995
Phone: (312) 899-5400

Mission, Goals and Objectives

Our mission is to prepare highly qualified, entry-level registered dietitian nutritionists who are competent in MNT and plant-based, vegetarian nutrition and promote a balanced lifestyle for generous service in the workplace.

The primary goals of the Andrews University Dietetic Internship are twofold: to provide the intern with meaningful rotational experiences that will allow for successful completion of the registration examination for dietitians, and to provide the opportunity to develop the skills needed to obtain employment as an entry-level dietitian.

Goal #1:  The program will prepare practitioners who are competent as an entry-level dietitian.


  • 80% of interns enrolled in the DI program will complete all program requirements within 150% (13 months) of the time program length.
  • 70% or more of DI graduates who sought employment, in a nutrition and dietetics related field, will be employed within twelve months of program completion.
  • 80% of graduates, over a five- year period, will pass the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists within one year following first attempt.
  • 90% of the program graduates first employers will rate the graduate as satisfactory or above for entry level practice.
  • 80% of program graduates will take the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists within 12 months of program completion.

Goal #2: The program will prepare dietetics practitioners who are competent in incorporating MNT principles into a balanced lifestyle.


  • 20% of the program graduates will work in an Adventist institution where a balanced lifestyle is promoted.
  • 25% of the program graduates will engage in service in areas that they can practice and promote a balanced lifestyle (Example: Participate in the Vegetarian DPG or other, write articles on the balanced lifestyle including vegetarianism,  give health promotion lectures to the community, etc.) 
  • 75% of the program graduates survey will rate satisfactory or above for vegetarian nutrition knowledge.                             

*Program outcomes data are available upon request

Statement of Equal Opportunity

Admission to Andrews University and the Dietetic Internship is granted irrespective of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, weight, height, marital status or handicap.  The University is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.  These students, however, must meet the admission requirements of the Dietetic Internship.  Admission to the Dietetic Internship does not guarantee admission to the MPH in Nutrition and Wellness or to any other program, department or school within the University.

Transfer privileges are not available to dietetic interns.  An intern who is admitted to the eight month Dietetic Internship must meet all competencies within that time frame and at the assigned facility. Interns may elect to repeat the Dietetic Internship at the discretion of the Internship faculty and the Program Director.  In the event the intern is approved to repeat the Dietetic Internship, the intern would then pay the required amount and register for an additional Dietetic Internship experience at the original facility or at another of the University’s selected facilities.

Program Composition

The eight month program (from late August to beginning of May) consists of:

    3 days of orientation at Andrews University.
        All interns accepted into our Dietetic Internship program are expected to attend this orientation session. It is usually held during the 3rd week of August.
    1 month of Community Nutrition.
    2 months of Food Service Administration.
    5 months of Clinical Dietetics.*

*All rotations are held within approximately a one hour driving radius of the main clinical health system sites*

Program Calendar

Academic Calendar

Program Cost

See our Program Costs page for cost breakdowns and estimates.

Computer Matching

The D&D Digital online computer matching process will be used to select dietetic interns. Applicants may obtain information on the computer matching process from any approved didactic program in Nutrition and Dietetics, or they can visit D&D Digital Systems' website at for instructions on the matching process; dates for deadlines, and additional information. There is a $55.00 charge for computer matching that is due with the applicant's prioritized ranking submission to D&D Digital.

The contact for D&D Digital Systems is:

D&D Digital Systems 
304 Main St.
Ames, Iowa 50010-6148

Phone: 515-292-0490
Fax: 515-663-9427



See our Hospital Information page for site location options.

Entrance Exam

  • A multiple-choice comprehensive test of 100 questions will be administered during the orientation week. 
  • The minimum required passing score is 70%
  • In the event that interns do not pass the test, they will be given one more opportunity to take the test at the end of the orientation week. 
  • Passing this test is a requirement for continuing in the Internship Program
  • The students that do not pass the second time are eligible for 100% tuition refund (Travel expenses for the orientation are not reimbursable)


Online Tests

During the internship there will be four online tests ( which each intern must complete. The first three tests follow the Food Service, Community Nutrition, and Clinical Dietetics rotations respectively. The passing score is 80% for each test. At the conclusion of the Internship Program each intern will take a 100- question RD-like exam on learning hub. The passing score for this comprehensive exam is also 80%. All four tests must be passed successfully for the intern to have their name forwarded to the CDR for permission to take the RD exam. Failure in any one of these tests will mean that the intern must complete a review course and pass the CDR practice test, with a passing score of 70%, before successful completion of the internship can be verified to CDR. The intern is responsible for the cost of the RD review. Please check for current prices via the links below.

The options available for this review course are:

For More Information Please Contact

Sherri Isaak Internship Program Director or (269)471.3372
  School of Population Health, Nutrition & Wellness or (269)471.3370

A statement that program outcomes data are available on request.

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