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Graduate Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics (Dietetic Internship) 12 credits (Eligible for Loans)


The certificate will provide a total of 12 graduate credits. Fall Semester: 6 credits; Spring Semester: 6 credits
The certificate will facilitate the intern’s eligibility for student loans. 
When applicable, the intern can petition to transfer up to 6 credits to the AU on-line MPH program.

All Andrews University Dietetic Interns must register for both the Fall and Spring semesters (Fall Registration is to be completed by August 6th. Spring registration is to be completed by December 3rd).

  • How to register for the Certificate:

1. Register for Classes

            Select Fall Semester and register for FDNT 595. You will need the Computer Registration Number (CRN) which is listed in the online course schedule with the course name.

2. Get Financially Cleared

  • Activate your username at
  • To find out who is your financial adviser and complete financial clearance, go to - select finVue

Reminder: Each intern will need to send an official transcript that shows completion of their Bachelor degree directly to Graduate Enrollment Management at the following address.

Graduate Enrollment Management
AD 302 4150 Administration Dr.
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0620


Course Description of the Dietetic Internship Program

FDNT 595- Graduate Certificate Fall Semester:  6 credits
The Dietetic Internship Program, during the fall semester, will cover the community, food service rotation and medical nutrition therapy. The community rotations will take place in WIC clinics, wellness programs, school lunch programs or other community programs. The food service rotations  will occur in a hospital, school or university, or other appropriate setting. Interns will learn a variety of food service management skills.  Medical nutrition therapy will take place in a clinical based inpatient and outpatient setting.  Interns will learn how to assess and counsel patients with a variety of health conditions. Interns are required to pass online tests for the completion of the fall semester. This course qualifies for full-time status, requiring a minimum of 480 hours of work per semester of registration.

FDNT 596 Graduate Certificate Spring Semester: 6 credits
The Dietetic Internship Program, during the spring semester will involve continued and advanced learning in community, food service and medical nutrition therapy. Interns are required to pass a clinical online test and a comprehensive test that will cover the 3 major areas: food service, community and MNT for the completion of the spring semester. This course qualifies for full-time status, requiring a minimum of 480 hours of work per semester of registration.


Graduate Certificate in Nutrition & Wellness (Dietetic Internship)

Once interns are registered for the certificate they are eligible to apply for student loans

  • Fares Magesa is the person in charge of student loans and he is located in the Student Financial Services Office. He can be contacted at (269) 471-3428 or by email at

  • Please note that interns who are not registered and/or have not sent the payment will not be able to start the Internship Program.


To acknowledge your intention to join this program for Fall 2023, a non-refundable confirmation
deposit of $400 needs to be paid before June 1, 2023. This payment should be made through the
TouchNet system. Please navigate to and select PAY ONLINE on the bottom-left
part of the screen. This nonrefundable deposit will be credited to your account after enrollment in
the program. It will be applied to your spring semester fees after you have attended the on campus
orientation session.

Registration payments are also made through TouchNet.

For Any Questions about Finances Contact

Fares Magesa (269) 471-3428