Program Costs for 2023-2024

Interns will be responsible for their own housing, transportation, food, and associated costs throughout orientation and the internship program.  Breakdowns of expected costs are shown below.

Dietetic Internship Tuition and Institutional Fees

Item Deadline   Cost
Confirmation Fee  June 9  $400.00 non-refundable (applied to spring tuition)
Professional Fee   August 6  $430/semester x2 = $860.00
Distance Fee  August 6  $155/semester x2 = $310.00
Course Fee  August 6  $285/semester x2 = $570.00
Tuition  August 6  $5,562/semester x2 = $11,124.00
Total for the year  

 $12,864.00 (includes 12 graduate credits)*

*This does not include application and confirmation fees. Please refer to the bulletin for the most updated finanical information*

MS Nutrition and Wellness Course Costs

  • Cost is 50% off standard graduate rates.
  • The cost per credit is $633.50, as of 2023 - 2024 school year.
  • Please see Andrews University Tuition Costs for more information.


Additional Costs to the Graduate Certificate (Dietetic Internship)

Items Cost
Housing (Variable based on site location) $6,000-$12,000/year or higher
AU Orientation (Variable based on where you are coming from, lodging, and food choices) $165-$700
Medical Insurance $1,950 (includes fall and spring semester)
Background checks and immunizations $200-$300
Laptop and Internet connection $700-$1000
Books and supplies (Variable based on books kept from undergrad) $200-$700
Lab Coat/Scrubs (If required by facility) $30-$40
Total Cost $8,670-$16,115 (estimated depending on living expenses)


Note: Fees are subject to change annually.

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