Black History Month 2019

Black to the Future: Afrofuturism

Welcome to Afrofuturism—The artistic and innovative celebration of what people of African descent will accomplish in the future!  It is a coming together of creatives, artists, imaginers, and visionaries.  It is the romantic union of past resilience and future triumphs.  Afrofuturism is an opportunity for the dreamers and builders to combine their superpowers in order to construct a better future.  It is a call for expressive inventors to begin recreating their world right now!  After all, why wait for time to pass-you-by when you can build your best future in the present?

This year’s Black History Month celebration will revolve around the concept of Afrofuturism and the ways in which we should be actively pursuing a better future in our art, entertainment, business, religion, and government.  With so many depressing and graphic portrayals of how darker complexions are still under fire around the globe, Afrofuturism offers a much-needed reprieve from these discouraging images and invites people, like you, to help rewrite the future of the African diaspora.

The upcoming month is packed with engaging events that will court the beautiful potential of dreams.  Even underneath extreme duress, people of African descent have persevered and maintained an uncanny ability to create and recreate.  This has served as historical proof that humans are capable of tremendous feats of strength.  And, specifically under the pressure of oppression, people will rise to new levels of inventiveness.

We invite you to participate in the upcoming month's festivities.  If you are unfamiliar with Afrofuturism, you will have an opportunity to catch up with the latest Black renaissance.  If you are familiar with Afrofuturism, then you will have the opportunity to meaningfully investigate how to change the world through revolutionary (and sometimes imaginary) contributions.

We look forward to seeing you!

--Black History Month Committee