Ethan Jasper

Ethan  Jasper

Ethan Jasper

Title: Assistant Dean for Student Development
Office Location: Meier Hall
Phone: (269) 471-3393


Dean Jasper graduated from Andrews University with a BS in Psychology and minor in Leadership. He also completed his MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Grand Canyon University.


Dean Jasper was born in Daegu, South Korea and raised in Minnesota. Growing up in Adventism, summer camp quickly transitioned from “a fun experience” to a way of life. It was here that he truly learned what it meant to accept Jesus’ death and resurrection as his own. Along with his new understanding of the gospel, Dean Jasper also developed a passion for leadership, specializing in areas such as leadership mentoring for management, nurturing organizational and team culture, and team building. Before returning to Andrews, Dean Jasper was the Dean of Students at a public elementary school in southwest Michigan, responsible for behavior intervention, analyzing student behavior, and de-escalation.

In his free time, Dean Jasper loves watching movies/shows and trying new foods with his wife, Sadie. They recently expanded their family and adopted a dog named, Nala! He also enjoys a wide-variety of activities, trying new things, and taking on new challenges. A few hobbies that he currently enjoys include reading, chess, video games, and disc golf.