Retention Schedules

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Retention Schedule, Condensed General Records, All Departments and Offices

Codes: Retention: 00 = years
  Disposition: Archives = University Archives, CAR = Center for Adventist Research,
Destroy = discard/shred/erase, Review = review for disposition
Record Series Retention in Office of Origin Total Time Restricted  Archives  Comments
Accreditation Records Useful Life 10 Permanent two copies of the final report and all files and support materials
Advertising Useful Life --- Permanent 2 copies to Archives
Annual Reports 5 10 Permanent one copy with other office files.
Audio-Visual Materials 5 --- Permanent  
Awards, Honors, Fellowships, Scholarships 5 --- Permanent Included in Subject Files.
Bulletins, Posters, and Notes:
Information materials for  university personnel.
1 --- Permanent Office of origin: Send 2 copies with other Subject Files.
Center and Institute Records Useful Life --- Permanent  
Committee minutes and documents: minutes from all committees and sub-committees, boards and other decision-making bodies 5 30 Permanent Time restrictions may vary for some committees and boards; consult archivist.
Contracts 5 --- Permanent  
Correspondence, non-essential (scheduling appointments, arranging meetings, etc.) Useful Life Destroy ---  
Correspondence, permanent: all types of correspondence received and sent. 5 20 Permanent All parts of the business and operations of the University.
Course Catalogs and Bulletins 5 --- Permanent Office of origin: Send 2 copies
Course Evaluations by Students 5 5 Destroy  
Course Handouts and Materials: Original creation of faculty member or prepared by the department or teacher 5 Faculty Choice Permanent May be archived at CAR as part of a personal collection.
Course Syllabi 5 5 Permanent One set to the Archives.
Departmental Meetings, minutes; See Minutes   --- Permanent  
Electronic Forms and Media: Office copies of computer forms, disks, tapes, cards, CD’s, etc. Useful Life 5 Review Those with historical or long-range administrative value.
Electronic Mail
E-mail correspondence and their attachments regarding University business, sent or received via the University network, are considered university records; Most fall into Record Series as listed.
Useful Life 5 Review hard copies of emails may also be retained
Faculty Portfolio Applications for Tenure and Promotion; Recommendations of Committee 5 5 Permanent Recommendations are filed with the Provost’s Office and retained permanently.
Faculty Research and Publication Reports Useful Life   5 Confer with Associate Dean for Research
Faculty Research Files, Grant Proposals, Grant Reports 5 5 Permanent  
Faculty/Staff Files, former faculty/staff 5 No access Permanent Personnel files
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Data/Documents. The retention period of FERPA documents is the same as that of the student records to which they pertain.
Financial Records, departmental, e.g., payroll information, statements, copies of invoices, purchase orders, expense reports   Useful Life 0 Destroy Financial Offices retain original records per legal requirements.
Graduate and Professional Student Files, graduated 5 20 Destroy After graduation.
Graduate Student Files, withdrawn/terminated 5 5 Destroy After termination.
Instructional and Reference Materials Useful Life --- Review  
Manuals, Handbooks, Procedures, and Policies Useful Life 10 Permanent Consult with the Archives about retention
Minutes, committees: see Committee minutes 5 --- Permanent Include agendas and other supporting documents.
Miscellaneous Special One-time Projects:
special projects such as exhibitions, promotion/alumni campaigns, phonathon.
5 --- Review Transfer records about significant major events to the Archives.
Non-AU Sponsored Project Administration Records: e.g., NSF, NEH. 5 --- Permanent The final report copies filed with the sponsoring organization.
Patent and Trademark Records 5 10 Permanent  
Personal Professional Papers and Property: certificates, honors, professional development activities and research, correspondence. 5 --- Review Consult with CAR about the archival value of personal professional papers and property.
Personnel Service Records Useful Life --- Destroy Human Resources Office
Professional Organizations: University membership and all pertinent correspondence 5 --- Permanent Many activities and records fall into existing Record Series.
Programs, Conferences, Seminars Useful Life --- Review Send two copies
Proposals, research, curriculum, or other Useful Life --- Permanent Include with committee, research, or other documents
Publications –Andrews University Origin
Such as catalogs, calendars of special events, brochures, directories, handbooks, class schedules
Useful Life --- Review Office of Origin should consult with the Archives about retention; non-AU origin: destroy.
Recruitment Materials (VA regulations require that all recruitment materials be retained for 3 years.) Useful Life 5 Review Send 2 copies to the Archives when first produced.
Reference Files: See Subject Files        
Research Projects, Graduate students Useful Life --- Permanent See also Faculty Research Projects
Research Statistics and Reports 5 --- Permanent One copy only
Special Audits 6 --- Permanent  
Student Activities Records
records dealing with special events, programs, promotional activities, club activities,
Useful Life --- Review Many records fall under other series and should be placed there.
Student Association Records: records coming from student organizations (senate, officers, etc.), Student Movement, Cast, etc. Useful Life --- Review Many records fall under other series and should be placed there
Student Files, departmental, edited (see expanded retention schedule; see Graduate and Professional Program students above.) 5 10 Review Destroy after graduation or date of last attendance unless professional accreditations or legal requirements require maintenance of student files for a specific time.)
Student Records, historical 5   Permanent Older than 75 years
Subject/Project Files: documentation of activities of AU offices, policy decisions, actions, events, committee work, involvement with outside organizations. Help to understand organizational culture, points of view, decision-making process. Useful Life, 5 --- Permanent Some records may be permanently closed in the Archives.
Syllabi, see Course Syllabi        
Topical files: See Subject Files