The print design studio in the Office of Integrated Marketing & Communication can help create compelling and targeted print pieces that meet your marketing goals. From postcards to large posters, tri-fold fliers to small brochures, our aim is to present a professional and consistent visual image for Andrews University.

To initiate a print design project with us, please schedule a meeting with Ian Roberts-Clarke, our project manager. This initial meeting will give you a chance to talk through your overall marketing goals, project timelines and budgetary concerns. Once the project has been accepted, the print design studio will begin to concept and brainstorm ideas in collaboration with Jason Webster, marketing manager. Ian will provide frequent updates on the status of your project.

Once in production, the IMC print design studio will help determine the best size and paper stock for your project, and will serve as a liaison with LithoTech and/or local print companies to get the best possible price for your project.

In all projects, the print design studio will follow the standards established by Andrews University, and ensure that any print projects reflect the excellence and quality found at our University.