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Application deadline for 2020-21 consideration:

August 15, 2019


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The designation “Research Faculty” is given to faculty members who excel beyond the minimum university requirements for research and creative scholarship, in recognition of the time and effort required to maintain an active productive research program. Tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible for “Research Faculty” status. 


“Research Faculty” status qualifies faculty members for a 3-contact-hour baseline reduction in the expected annual undergraduate teaching load (2-contact-hour baseline reduction in graduate teaching load). Research Faculty are expected to have 60% of their faculty load dedicated to teaching, compared to the usual 70% of faculty load dedicated to teaching. The department chair will work with the school dean in good faith towards the goal of providing a 3-contact hour reduced teaching load for approved Research Faculty, while recognizing that budgetary funding is not guaranteed. Actual annual teaching load may vary depending upon department teaching needs and priorities as determined by the department chair and dean.

Term of Appointment

“Research Faculty” status is approved for period of up to three years, and monitored annually through the Faculty Activity Report process. Research Faculty members who do not submit an annual Faculty Activity Report showing continued research activity will lose their Research Faculty status for the following year.  Research Faculty status is renewable.

Process of Appointment

Faculty members initiate the application process for Research Faculty status by submitting an application to their department chair.  Research Faculty applications include two parts: 1) a presentation of research and creative scholarship activity done over the previous three years, showing a “very good” or “excellent” level of research in the three areas of (a) Scholarly Activity, (b) Scholarly Results, and (c) Scholarly Repute, and 2) a detailed research plan covering the upcoming three years.

Once the department chair signs the application (after an affirmative vote by the department faculty), the application is forwarded to the Office of Research for processing. Applications will be reviewed by the Faculty Research Review Committee, which will provide its recommendations to the Scholarly Research Council for a final vote. The Office of Research will notify the school dean and department chair of the decision, and will make a list of Research Faculty members available on the Research webpages.

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