American Chemical Society Scholarship


Paul Thompson Jr. has received a $5000 scholarship and been named an ACS Scholar by the American Chemical Society. According to the ACS website, the scholarship is given to “minority students majoring in undergraduate chemistry-related disciplines” who intend “to pursue careers in chemistry-related fields."

Paul is doing research with faculty mentor Dr. Randall using an ICP-OES to study the changing amounts of elements such as lead, mercury, and magnesium in creek water. In the future, he hopes to do research in the field of nuclear chemistry.

Paul shares about his work in the Chemistry Department: "My favorite job in the department is stock reagent assistant, which I label as 'Apprentice Alchemist.' I enjoy being in the stock room and mixing large quantities of chemicals for the students. Being able to get the experience of assisting my professors has been wonderful."

"The professor that has had the strongest impact during my experience at Andrews is Dr. Ryan Hayes," says Paul. "He has taught me ways to express the love of Jesus Christ through chemistry. Instrumental Analysis class, taught by Dr. Hayes, allowed me to get familiar with advanced instruments vital to my study of chemistry."