Earhart Emerging Scholar

The Earhart Emerging Scholar Award is given to junior or senior students involved in original undergraduate research in the area of anthropology, communications and journalism, economics, history, language, philosophy, political science, religion and theology, or sociology. The research must culminate in a complete project that has received faculty oversight and approval. Emerging Scholars are nominated by the University and are encouraged to apply to present their research at the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters. Recipients receive a $725 award as well as reimbursement for conference expenses should they be accepted to present at MASAL or other similar conferences.

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The 2015 Earhart Emerging Scholar Awardees were Cassandra Chelvin (Psychology), Cooper Hodges (Psychology), Shanelle Kim (English), Melodie Roschman (English/Journalism), and WayAnne Watson (Music).


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The 2014 Earhart Emerging Scholar Awardees were Clifford Allen (History), Ilana Cady (Music Performance), Matthew Chacko (Biology/Biomedical, English), and Michael VanderWaal (Psychology).


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The 2013 Earhart Emerging Scholar Awardees were Camden Bowman (French), Lindsey Dever (Sociology), Navina Dueck-Stefánsson (Music), and Elizabeth Glover (History).


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The 2012 Earhart Emerging Scholar Awardees were Sarah (Gane) Burton (Anthropology and Religion), Kristina Penny (Journalism), and Samantha Snively (English).



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