Welcome to the English as a Second Language Program!

Welcome to the Center for Intensive English Programs (CIEP) at Andrews University. We are the official English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) center serving the Andrews University community. We are very happy that you have chosen to study with us!

You will be joining a group of students who come from many different cultural backgrounds and speak many different home languages. You will be taught by instructors who have years of experience teaching English around the world.

CIEP classes are intensive, rigorous, and fun! When you complete your ESL study in CIEP, you will have gained the confidence and language proficiency needed to succeed in everyday English conversations and in complex academic contexts.

CIEP students have different academic goals. Some have come to Andrews University to enter an undergraduate degree program. Others are at Andrews University for graduate study. And still others have come to CIEP to focus only on English.

Whatever your goal is, we welcome you to CIEP! We look forward to the unique contributions you will make in our program and the progress you will achieve in your English-language study.

May God bless you on your journey to English-language success and beyond!


Christian Stuart, PhD

CIEP Director