Bruce Gorospe

My name is Bruce Gorospe, born in Africa to Filipino parents. It was a culture shock when I came to the US for college, but it was even more of a shock to see how much snow fell in Michigan!

It was coming to the end of my third year in college when I decided to change majors to Medical Technology. Since my school did not offer this degree, I had to change schools. Andrews University was one of my options but there were two simple reasons why I did not want to go to there. I did not like cold weather and I would have to leave most of my friends. A few months later, as I was walking to class bundled up in what was probably three jackets, I realized that God had led me to a wonderful place.

Where I thought I had no friends, I made many new ones. Where the weather was cold, I met many people who were warm and hospitable. One family had me over for almost every Saturday lunch and invited me to come and visit any time.

However, there is one characteristic about the faculty of the Medical Technology program that meant a lot to me. It was that they were very encouraging. At Andrews University, I saw God through other people. At Andrews, I came alive. At Andrews, I realized what it felt like to try to stop at a four way stop but still keep on sliding on ice! It took me a while, but I did catch on.


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