Rheeta Masoka

My name is Rheeta Masoka. I graduated from the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at Andrews University in August 2006. Having lived in Berrien Springs, MI for over ten years; Andrews has always been one of the "attractions" of our small, quiet community.

In the time I’ve been in Berrien Springs, I have always lived within walking distance to the university. In high school, the library served as my hang out spot to check e-mail, chat and practically "kill time" before it was time to do the homework for the night. I always attended many events on campus.

Growing up, I knew I wanted to go into medicine and, just like most pre-meds were doing, I decided to choose Biology as my major and pursued this at a local community college. It wasn’t until my second year in college that my cousin, who was attending Andrews University at the time, introduced me to Clinical Laboratory Science. I was apprehensive at first, but I promised her I would look into it. I began researching about the field, schools that offered the program, and etc. As I spoke to medical technologists and some students in the CLS Program at Andrews, I began to fall in love with the field. I must say the day I walked into the CLS department, I was immediately drawn because of the enthusiasm and readiness to help of the departmental staff.

I never thought I’d go to Andrews University for school, but I believe God lead me there and for that I am eternally grateful. Attending the CLS program at Andrews taught me a lot. To mention a few: teamwork, prioritizing, working under pressure (especially in senior year!) and gaining confidence as a professional.

The preparation and motivation I got from the faculty and staff has helped me become more confident in the field. My classmates in senior year helped me get through the program.

There were times I felt exhausted and didn’t feel like studying, but someone was always there to invite me to a study group or just to encourage me to study. The friendships I have formed in the CLS department are ones that I still cherish more than a year later and know will last a lifetime.


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