Ross Sobrera

As I look back over the years I spent at Andrews University, I can now appreciate how all the experiences worked together to help me grow in the area of academics and spirituality. Sciences at Andrews are an academic challenge for any student - which is no different than sciences at any school. However, the professors at Andrews are dedicated to teaching their area of expertise as praise to a living and caring Creator - this is what makes the study of science at Andrews an act of worship.

I arrived at Andrews with the firm intention to study Clinical Laboratory Sciences. And as the tempter worked overtime just as he always does when choices are made in Christ, there were many times during the first three years of college I came to doubt my choice. It seemed as if life would be so much easier if only I chose some degree that required less work to comprehend and less time to complete. Through it all, the Holy Spirit led me to resist and persevere.

My final year proved to be a unique challenge that pushed me to have to try harder than I ever had before in order to keep up. As I said before, sciences at Andrews are not any more difficult than any other school: the key difference is that worldly schools' professors would have let me slip through the cracks and lose sight of the goal. However, the professors I had at Andrews would not let me go. They took the time to meet with me and humbly pray with me. In August of 2006 I proudly received my diploma from Andrews. The faculty was sure to lift praise to God with us that day.

During senior year I had chosen to detour from medicine for a bit, but had no plans in its place. Two weeks after graduation, I found myself beginning the pursuit of a Masters in Public Health in a university that does not inspire its students with daily worship thoughts to begin the day. It was then that I realized the primary reason why I had been directed to attend Andrews: God wanted me to be secure in myself as a Christian before I could begin my work in the world.

I am currently finishing my Masters and expect to graduate in December of 2007. As I am working on my final project, it amazes me how God just made all of the roads in my academic career merge into one. Without expressing my interest in bridging my knowledge of the laboratory with public health work, I was given an epidemiological study to perform on laboratory microbiology specimens and procurement. When I informed my preceptor that I am certified as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, he proclaimed that it was just perfect for the project.

Some would attribute this to luck, coincidence or karma. But I believe that God was and is at work in my life. Four years ago I would have told people I chose CLS at Andrews because it's a great prep for medical school. Today, I can honestly say I chose it because God was getting me ready for my future. How else can I explain why I was compelled to move across the country to get an education and why a patient and praying faculty was provided to see me through a tough final year? There is no other explanation, except that God is alive, that He is currently at work in both my life and at Andrews University and that the faculty in the department of Clinical and Laboratory Sciences is able to respond superbly to student needs, only because Christ leads their way.

If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't have it any other way. Sure, there are some things I would change, but I can’t wish for any thing more. CLS at Andrews University succeeded in adequately equipping me for the future; but it excelled in helping me see that God’s plans play out to perfection if we only trust Him.


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