Scott Juhl

Andrews University Clinical Laboratory Science program was a great fit for me for the following reasons.

First, since I was working on my second degree, it was less than a year before I attained the clinical laboratory science degree.

Second, with the affiliates Andrews's laboratory science program had with other hospitals we were able to choose our clinical site from a large group.

Third, it is a specific degree that can provide a job right out of college with the need being great for clinical laboratory scientists, aka med - tech, in hospitals and clinics.

Fourth, apartments around Andrews are plentiful in the summer and can help finances from the cost of living in the dorm if you are quick enough to find and get one.

Andrews was a great fit for me as it provided the staff and support needed to attain the degree. I was able to make great friends there, and enjoyed my time immensely with the religious based, service based staff and students. Some of the activities that I involved myself while at Andrews were Buddies, a program for students to go into Benton Harbor and help needy kids enjoy some time away from home while getting a Sabbath education and some food. Biking, sledding, snowboarding, swimming, and various student related programs in the gymnasium were other activities I involved myself in.

The religious basis of Andrews was also a blessing for me. I enjoyed all the sermons from Pastor Dwight Nelson and was even fortunate to be there when Doug Bachelor presented revelation seminar on 3ABN.

Andrews was a great fit for me because of the clinical laboratory clinical sites. I chose Denver Colorado as my clinical site. I love the snow and there was plenty of it. The clinical site was great as the med-techs were professional and fun to be around. There was good training and a nice environment to learn the stress and knowledge to be in a laboratory.

Andrew was a great fit for me because of the Lord. I also am married and have two kids which stayed in Lincoln NE while I was away. Being away was difficult at times but being involved helped out a great deal. If you keep your nose in the books and involve yourself it can make all the difference in the world, although a few movies, dulce-de-leche, my favorite new ice cream, friends, and especially the Lord, make up the rest.


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