Meline Ponniah

My name is Meline Ponniah and I am a Medical Technologist at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital in Hinsdale, IL. I graduated from the Clinical and Laboratory Science program in August 2004.

My career really began at Andrews University. I started at Andrews in the Fall of 2000. As freshman, I was totally unsure of what I "wanted to be when I grow up". After much prayer and guidance from my family, I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. The Clinical Laboratory Science Program not only prepared me for the daily duties of a Medical Technologist, but also for life.

The dedicated faculty and staff always challenged me to think outside the box about problems and issues that come up in the Laboratory. They trained me to think critically and to work efficiently. But more importantly, they cared about me. They were always available when I had concerns about academic or personal issues.

The one thing I appreciated most, though, was that every faculty member began every class with prayer and a devotional thought. To publically welcome God into the classroom spoke volumes about the faculty of the department. They showed me what was most important - how to value God’s principles much more than making money or one’s job title. The faculty modeled for me how to treat others and how to be a living example of Christ in the workplace. Blood Bank and Chemistry books can’t teach you that - only individuals committed to God’s ways and purposes can.

I wish to credit my professional success to my experience at Andrews University and the Clinical Laboratory Science Program. I will always look back on this part of my life with gratitude and pride. Gratitude, because I am so grateful for what I have learned and pride, because I received a Christian education second to none.


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