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Earn a PhD in Business

With a PhD in Business you are a force of change that focuses on the study of business. The degree is designed to prepare you - the leader for careers in academia, consulting, government, and research. It also prepares you in critical operations areas in management and entrepreneurship.

Our PhD in Business program is a research-oriented doctoral degree that focuses on the understanding of business concepts and theories.

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Academic Programs

Put that love of numbers and order to good use and become part of the glue that binds businesses with their mission and strategies with a degree in Accounting . The Accounting concentration give an understanding of how accounting principles work in the business world like in areas: computer applications, inance, policies, economics, auditing, and taxation.

The Finance professional helps guide businesses and individuals in their investment decisions. They produce financial reports, find necessary funding to advance corporate initiatives, and develop long-term strategies to ensure the success of an organization. This industry-relevant and faith-based program prepares you to enter the dynamic universe of finance. 

Due to the increasing global dependency on technology, information management, and business systems, many organizations are searching for well-educated and creative Information Systems (IS) professionals to find innovative solutions to enterprise problems, develop fail-proof models, and be part of the corporate stratic plan. The upward growth in this field is expontial!

Associates in Business

Here's some math that you would love! We are offering you a deal of a lifetime to kickstart your career in the right direction - Tuition at $4,950 for 15-16 credits per semester (general fee, food and housing not included)! What are you waiting for!

Today’s world revolves around globalization. In the International Business program you will gain essential business skills, cultural knowledge, and language to specialize in a variety of international business activities including international marketing, trade research, global supply chain/logistics, international finance, and market entry strategy.

Chart your own destiny with a degree in Managment from a world-class leadership and management programs rooted in faith and ethics. Sharpen your business competencies,  communications skills to lead and manage, and learn to execute top strategies to implementing innovative business solutions, leading team personnel, project management and ensuring quality control.  

Business is about interactions and relationships and increasing globalization and the growing digital media, Marketing is   evolving to meet organizational needs. Competitive edge is gained through understanding customers, clients,  market trends and our program builds your skillset to perform at the very top of this field.

Are you ready to become a business leader equiped to take on the world? If so, an MBA or Master's in Business Adminisration degree is the next step for . Our graduate-level business degree is designed to provide all learners from all walks and in all stages of life the opportunity to further their business education. Our curriculum is rooted in industry and grounded with Christian values. 



Yes! Earn a coveted PhD in Business Admin in just 4 years attending full time! During these 4 years you will harness your ability to think analytically and critically, as well as develop and implement innovative solutions to complex business problems.

Found a job, but your academic background is a bit skimpy? Well, boost your career by joining an accredited, technology driven, and ethically bound degree program that will build your skills with the latest business concepts and technology. The Associates (AS) in Business will hone your knowledge and skills in business principles and technological skills to successfully thrive in any business enviroment. 

Be an Enterprise Solution Architect...

Be an Information Systems Major!

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Helping build community enterprises in Burkina Faso

Faculty, staff, and students from the Marketing and Information Systems are supporting commuity-based enterprises in rural Burkina Faso providing technology support and marketing practices to women & village groups.


We emphasize excellence in teaching in our disciplines, challenging students to search for knowledge and for that wisdom illumined by Christian insight in preparation for service to the world.

Meet the team that makes it all happen! People with diverse backgrouns and tons of industry, academia, and not-for-profit experience have come together to serve you!

Our aim is to provide the best technical support to our students and faculty of the School of Business Adminstration lead by our most talented Information Systems (IS) majors who work as Junior IT Specialists. 

Why SBA?

Learn how to excel in the world of business and technology while integrating your faith and professional experience.

Benefit from a faculty with a wealth of international experience and a student body rich in cultural diversity.

We are the only Seventh-day Adventist institution recognized as a national university by U.S. News and World Report.

The School of Business at Andrews University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11960 Quivira Road in Overland Park, Kansas, USA.