Managing Spam Emails


The migration of Andrews email accounts to Google has expanded the range of IT services that can be offered to campus through Google.  One of those services is spam management.

As of December 2015, the Roaring Penguin Can-IT Pro spam management service will no longer be managing spam email.  Furthermore, the “AU Spam Control” reports that were regularly emailed will also no longer be sent.

In its place, Faculty and Staff will begin receiving via email a detailed and interactive “Quarantine Summary” by Google. End-users can:

  • Quickly scan the list for falsely quarantined messages and then click Deliver, which marks these messages as not spam. This trains the system not to identify similar messages as spam in the future, and the indicated messages are then delivered to your inbox.
  • Indicate which messages should be quarantined by clicking Report spam, which marks these messages as spam. This trains the system to identify similar messages as spam in the future, making it more likely that such messages are quarantined.
  • View an updated summary anytime by returning to the quarantine summary email and clicking on Click here to receive an updated summary of messages quarantined since this report was generated.  This must be done within 30 days of receiving the original message (not the summary).

Example of the new spam Quarantine Summary email from Google:

What you need to know

  • The Quarantine Summary will come from:
  • This change only affects faculty and staff on the Microsoft Exchange system as well as faculty and staff still using the old IMAP (UNIX) system
  • This will not affect access to email, Vault, Learning Hub or other Andrews University online resources
  • Quarantine Summary messages that you delete from your Inbox will also forever delete any spam email referenced in that message

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